$500,000+ in Copywriting Contracts
Plus Top Producers Reveal Their Biggest Wins and
The Copywriting Legends All Star Rock Jam

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NOVEMBER 8 – 10, 2021.

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What makes our speakers line up special is it’s not a line of “keynotes” talking at you. These are the top revenue producers in the industry sharing the deep and actionable insider tactics that move the needle on conversions and propel your business to the next level. Plus, the inner game mindset tactics that keep your business working for you. We are putting the stuff our speakers teach into action to market Copy Chief, so you don’t just see it on slides, we show you the nitty gritty details of how it works in the real world, numbers and all.


Laura Belgray is the co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, and a freelance copywriter and copy coach who redefines what it means to connect with your reader. She consistently out-converts marketers with bigger names and much bigger lists in affiliate promos by using humor and wild storytelling in her emails to build a super loyal following.


Founder of SuperfastBusiness community and podcast, author of "Work Less, Make More." James has been a respected leader in the world of online marketing for nearly a decade as the host of his super successful business community SuperfastBusiness. He is the best there is at helping you maximize your revenue while doing less and creating greater impact.


Creative Director and Lead Writer at Harmon Brothers ad agency. The ad campaigns Jonny has helped write have driven over $350 million in sales and have been seen over 1 billion times. He’s written ads for companies like Squatty Potty, Purple mattress, Chatbooks, Camp Chef, Lume Deodorant, and BedJet. His mom always told him no one would ever pay him to tell poop jokes, but his mom was wrong. #livingthedream


A one-of-a-kind in our industry, Abbey is the premier teacher of voice in copy, she is a master of creating systems to increase team productivity, heck, and she’s also one of the most fun people you’ll ever meet and learn from. One of our top rated speakers last year and back by popular demand.


This guy helps ambitious people do 'tough stuff,' period. He's the WSJ bestselling author of The Alter Ego Effect, award-winning creator of the 90 Day Year Performance System and mental game coach to 110+ Olympians, leaders, and public figures. He's the recipient of the Inc. 500 fastest growing company award. He's world-class at unclogging the mental pipes so you can perform at your best.


Inventor of Email Mastery and co-host of I Love Marketing podcast. Dean is one of the most respected marketers in the world because his stuff works so good. He’s back this year to share a live case study we’re running together that produces up to $40,000 per month with a very simple but specific line of copy in the email P.S. I almost hate to expose this one :-), but you’ll get swipe every step.


America's Top Writing Coach is back! One of the most sought-after writing teachers on the planet, and a world-class raconteur, Roy Peter Clark has published over 18 books, including New York Times best-selling book, "Writing Tools". Journalism students from around the world travel to St. Petersburg to learn from Roy at Poynter Institute where he is senior scholar.


Copy Chief Live is the event the copywriting legends love to attend and get to know - and potentially work with - the new breed of copywriters. John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos, Marcella Allison, David Deutsch, Lorrie Morgan, and more regularly attend and will take your questions from stage, and often at the bar!


Freelancers Only Day

The now-famous “Day 3” event is a safe room to learn and discuss the realities of working as a freelancer, and our latest and best insights for how to have the career you want. Between my three private freelancer coaching programs and all we learn from placing writers with clients through the Copy Chief, plus private consulting with several of the world’s highest producing publishing agencies… I can humbly say me and my team understand the world of freelance copywriting better than anyone else. You’ll get the condensed teaching and most impactful insights from the entire year of our in-the-trenches knowledge. If you’re a freelancer, or plan to make a living as a copywriter, then you cannot miss Day 3. Brunch included, and we’ll start comfortably late so you have time to recover from the X-Factor Party on Tuesday night.

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Only Day


Over $500,000 in contracts and counting!

Copy Chief Live (CCL) has quickly become the premier networking event in
the industry. Major publishers and independent marketing companies come to CCL eager to meet and hire
quality copywriters of all experience levels. Many life-altering work opportunities have come out of the
Roundtable Meetups where the companies pitch the copywriters, and often sign them right on the spot. It’s like
nothing else in the industry. You have to experience it to believe it.

This is a “No Pitch” event.

Our speakers are here to share and teach you,
not pitch offers from stage.


I love bringing passionate people together and watching them do great work together.


As a comic, I spent a decade traveling the U.S. playing clubs as a stand-up comic with now-famous comics like Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Billy Gardell.

As a copywriter, I’ve written or chiefed over 100 campaigns, generating over $100 million in product sales for my clients.

I gave that up to become a coach to freelance copywriters and business owners inside my awesome community, Copy Chief.

I’m most passionate about connecting good people who do great work together. So I founded the Copy Chief Agency to better connect high quality copywriters with high value clients and set them up to produce high earning campaigns together.

The X-Factor After Party
featuring The Legends All Star Rock Jam

The X-Factor Spectacular has become the hottest ticket in the industry. There’s simply no other event party like it. Your copywriting heroes on stage jamming with the band. All your new best friends letting their hair down and dancing the night away. And with Halloween only days away, this year is bound to be the wildest yet! What better place to debut your rockin Halloween costume and let your alter ego lead the way. Costumes optional… crazy fun guaranteed.



What qualifies you is not how long you’ve been writing copy, but rather your passion and dedication to the craft. If you feel it is your calling to become a great copywriter, then you’re qualified. If you’ve been at this for years and are ready to take your writing and your business to the next level, this is definitely for you.


If you write your own copy, you will leave Copy Chief Live with the most actionable tactics imaginable. I’m working with each expert speaker to not only teach you what they do, but to show you how it looks when done right. And, if you’re looking to partner with the best copywriters in the business to take these “closed door” tactics and infuse them into your current campaigns, then you’ll be in the only place on earth to find them this year.


The information and connections you make at this event will help you get the ultimate clarity on the exact types of offers you should be creating for your audience. How to grow that audience, in both size and loyalty, and allow you to mix with the best writers, marketers and even tech pros producing the highest revenue sales funnels in the industry right now.


Connect with top level direct response copywriters at Copy Chief Live. You'll shake hands with a range of copywriters of all experience levels, skillsets, and niches. Plus, if you are interested in hosting a Round Table, you get to meet every copywriter who's actively looking to work and talk directly to qualified writers looking to join you on your next marketing campaign.


I’m determined to create connections that lead to
massive wins in your business.

This year even more companies are coming to meet copywriters. So, we’re going to coach this years copywriter attendees on how to show up to these meetings and win the gigs. You could have the biggest names chasing after YOU.

Last year, 15 attendees walked away with copywriting contracts. This year, I promise you will leave here having new connections and relationships (which can lead to great work), with some new friends, and of course, have more fun than you ever thought possible at a “copywriting conference.”

Business Owners: Come meet your next great copywriter

Freelancers: Come meet your
best new clients

What Attendees Say

“I’ve been to A LOT of events… As a freelance copywriter for nearly 20 years, when I heard about Copy Chief Live, I knew I had to be here because Kevin Rogers brought together the best people. If you get a chance to attend, don’t miss it.”

Kim Schwalm, A-List Copywriter

“They gave me a quick spec assignment on the spot, and gave me a little pitch about their company. I did that. They loved it and gave me a job offer before Copy Chief Live even started.”

Derek Bouthilette, Copywriter

“I haven’t had this much fun since college. Kevin Rogers created an space where you could fire up your entire creative being and make connections in new and different ways. I learned a lot from teaching as a speaker, but also as an artist and copywriter.”

Marcella Allison, A-List Copywriter

“It’s a community of people who truly ‘get it’, and ‘get me.'”

“Plugging into a network of people who are doing what you you want to do, and have been where you are looking to go…”

“It’s that sense that we’re all in this together. Nobody writes alone.”

“I’ve never seen clients pitching to copywriters until this event!”

Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say about the event…

“I had an absolute blast at Copy Chief Live. I got to shake hands and talk with the biggest names in the industry – Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, Parris Lampropoulos, and David Deutsch – and learn from them.”

Matt Mason, Copywriter

“I came because it was an opportunity to meet amazing direct response copywriters of all levels and writers who’ve influenced the lives of millions of people.”

Addison Rice, Freelance Copywriter

“I flew all the way from Australia to meet other business owners who want copywriters like me… so if you’re a copywriter and you’re not at this event, what are you waiting for?”

Dan Ludgater, Freelance Copywriter

“Just blown away. There was Lorrie Morgan (an amazing copywriter) right next to me… Dean Jackson right behind me… and I was like, ‘Okay, this is already crazy.'”

Brian McCarthy, Freelance Copywriter

We’re rockin’ it at the
Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel.
It’s in the heart of the waterfront district right here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

One of the coolest things about this event is the location. If you’ve never been to St. Petersburg, you’re in for a treat.

The hotel is in a primo spot, close to the harbor and a block from restaurants, hip bars, and a Publix grocery store.

You’re also in strolling distance to The Dali Museum, Mahaffey Theater and Al Lang Stadium… and only 15 minutes drive from St. Pete Beach – voted one the world’s best.

All the best “hang time” outside of the ballroom is going down inside the hotel restaurant and lobby. So plan to stay at the Hilton while you’re here. Reserve quickly to take advantage of the discounted room block. You can also extend your stay at the same great rate by request. So plan to hang out a few days. Just don’t wait, the rooms are filling fast.



$500,000+ in Copywriting Contracts
Plus Top Producers Reveal Their Biggest Wins and
The Copywriting Legends All Star Rock Jam




What's included in the ticket price?

Here's what you're getting when you grab your ticket:

  • Access to all speaker sessions.
  • Refreshments on both Copy Chief Live days.
  • High-level hangouts with top copywriters, marketers, business owners, and big publishers looking for talent.
What's a typical day at Copy Chief Live look like?

The schedule may change every year, but you can expect to check in early in the morning (around 8AM) before settling down at your seats for the conference to begin. Depending on how many speakers attend this event, we'll schedule regular breaks between talks so you can get up, meet other people, and take bathroom breaks.

In the afternoon, we'll break for lunch before coming back, and by the end of the day (around 4 - 5PM), we'll break to prep for evening events where copywriters and business owners get to know each other (meet ups).

This year, we're holding another special Copywriters All Star Rock Jam, so if you've purchased your ticket, you can join us for a special night together. More details to follow...

We'll share an agenda of what to expect as the event gets closer to the date, so you know what to expect.

Can I bring my spouse, or business partner?

Due to capacity limitations, all Copy Chief Live attendees have to register. Everyone wanting to attend has to buy their own ticket.

What if I plan to bring my team?

Contact us for more information about tickets for your team to attend Copy Chief Live. You can reach us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 1 - 2 business days.

Do you have a ticket payment plan?

We don't offer payment plans for live events. The only way to attend is by purchasing your ticket in full.

Can I buy a ticket to just one of the event days?

Single day tickets are not available. Plan to be here both days of the conference so you don’t miss anything. Day 3 for Freelancers Only is not available as a standalone ticket.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the limited ticket availability, there is no refund on ticket purchases.

Is there a bonus day 3?

Yes, a bonus Day 3 has been added this year. This is for freelancers only - it's a safe place to learn and discuss the realities of working as a freelancer. We'll feature several members and Pro Freelancers to share our latest and best insights for how to have the career you want.

If you'd like to join, you can add this day to your order for $199 and extend your discounted room rate by 1 day. Expect to spend the day together - so be sure to plan a later flight time if you're planning to stay for Day 3 Freelancers Only.

Are meals provided?

In order to keep ticket prices reasonable, meals are not provided. There are tons of great and affordable restaurants in walking distance of the event hotel.

What does "Zero Pitch Event" mean?

Most "marketing" events turn into a "pitch fest".
At Copy Chief Live, there's NO pitching from the speakers.

You're getting all the insider secrets of the richest, most successful copywriters and marketers. Tactics and secrets you can put to work right away in your business to get results.

Every single speaker is someone I've either worked with, learned from, or mentored under... and I can tell you right now, their stuff works because I use it in my own business every day.

Which airport should I fly into?

You'll receive a detailed list of travel information in your Welcome package once you’ve purchased your tickets.

Where can I get more questions answered?

We're happy to help you - support[at]